Our experience with 1StopBuilders was very pleasant. We were more than happy to work with the whole team. The complete renovation of our bathroom was a necessary step, because we had many troubles with the shower. The team offered complete assistance and they showed us each detail about the project. All my requests and inquiries were answered. I recommend the company to everyone.

David F.

My previous experiences with contractors were bad. Since I met the 1StopBuilders staff, I restored my faith in good companies. The professionals from 1StopBuilders fixed the all tiles in my bathroom. The bathroom is much better now and it is more functional as well. Many thanks to the whole team.

Rob P.

The communication with the 1StopBuilders staff was amazing. We made a deal very fast and the job was done perfectly. They informed me about every single detail, which is very important to me. The whole experience was great. My kitchen and bathroom look great now.

Debby M.

Sami from 1StopBuilders is exceptionally pleasant to work with. He offered full support during the remodeling job. It was great to see the results at the end. My bathroom looks completely different now. I am extremely satisfied with Sami and the rest of the 1StopBuilders team. Thank you all!

Julia E.


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